Volunteer Procedures & Guidelines

Marana Unified School District gladly welcomes volunteers in all capacities.  Volunteers play an important role in our district by providing our students with the opportunity to engage in respectful and supportive relationships with community members. They support our mission of challenging all students to achieve academic and personal excellence in a rigorous, relevant, and supportive learning environment. 

All volunteers must complete the volunteer application on an annual basis.  This form should be submitted to the school the volunteer is working with for principal approval.

A parent or guardian of a student in the district is not required to be fingerprinted.  A volunteer who is supervised by a certificated staff member is also not required to be fingerprinted.  All other volunteers who mentor, tutor or are alone with students are required to be fingerprinted and a background check completed prior to beginning this type of volunteer work.

If a volunteer requires fingerprints - the school secretary will email the Human Resources Department fingerprint clerk with the volunteer’s name and contact information. Then the volunteer will be given the human resource contact number to schedule their fingerprinting appointment.  When the fingerprint results are sent to human resources, the fingerprint clerk will enter the clearance date in the online database and send an email to the school administrator and secretary.  Fingerprints are valid each consecutive year the volunteer continues to serve. 

Volunteers will report to the site volunteer contact, or their designee, and will be given an identification badge to wear.  Each volunteer will sign in and out each time work is done.