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Jynnifer Dodson – The Patch Boys of Greater Tucson

Jynnifer Dodson - The Patch Boys of Greater Tucson

As we step into the period just beyond the New Year, our focus shifts to embracing the opportunities and aspirations that come with a fresh start. It's a time to assess our goals, and set the tone for the months ahead. In the spirit of renewal, consider giving your living space some attention and care!

Hello, I'm Jynnifer Dodson from The Patch Boys of Greater Tucson. I must confess to having my fair share of "oh, that can wait" moments when it comes to home maintenance. However, those small cracks and imperfections in our walls seem to assert themselves with newfound importance! At The Patch Boys, we take pride in our contributions to the Marana community, specializing in transforming home imperfections into spaces of renewed perfection. Whether it's dealing with nail pops, popcorn ceilings, holes or addressing ceiling cracks resembling a complex maze, we're here to assist you. We understand that in the midst of post-New Year activities, it's easy to overlook those minor imperfections that may have lingered. Trust us when we say that addressing these issues now is like giving your home a well-deserved refresh!

Our expertise in drywall repair, combined with our ability to perfectly match textures, ensures that your home will be at its best. So go ahead, welcome your friends and family, let laughter fill the air, and create lasting memories – just don't let those minor home issues steal the spotlight. Allow us to be part of your New Year goals, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – Family, Friends and Ourselves.

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