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Youth Education Supporters (Y.E.S.)

Youth Education Supporters

Remember when you got excited about the start of school after the long summer off?  Remember shopping for some new clothes and school supplies to be ready for a new year and anticipating new teachers, classes, and friends?

For too many families in our community, this is also a stressful time of year  because they cannot afford all these things, including the cost of a backpack and school supplies for their children. It often falls on caring teachers to provide these items by taking money out of their personal budgets to do so.

In Marana, now for the fourth year, Youth Education Supporters (Y.E.S.) is again partnering with the Marana Unified School District (MUSD) to ensure that any child needing a backpack and school supplies will receive them prior to day one of school.

You can help with a monetary donation to purchase these needed backpacks and school supplies. We again estimate the need to purchase and fill 1200 backpacks this year with an average cost of $35 each. No kid wants to be singled out for arriving at school unprepared. We want them to arrive feeling ready to participate with the tools they need to succeed.

Please mail a donation with the enclosed form so that MUSD can bulk purchase and make sure our students have what they need to start school.  We also need funds for the MUSD’s Family Resource Center clothing bank, “Threads and Treads”, to stock new shoes, clothing, and hygiene products to support our Marana families struggling with the basics for their children.

We thank you so much for your past generosity and know that you will come through for Marana families again. One hundred percent of every dollar raised is used to pay for items for the benefit of Marana students and their families.  

You can find much more information about our annual Backpack Drive and donation form on our website: