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Nycholas Weaver - Tucson Premium Outlets

Nycholas Weaver – Tucson Premium Outlets

My name is Nycholas, and I am the mall manager for Tucson Premium Outlets. I moved to Marana in September ’23. On my second day in the Tucson area, I was walking with a group of people called “Explore Tucson on Foot,” and I haven’t looked back since exploring the city. The Tucson area offers…

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Cynthia Silva - Twin Peaks Veterinary Cente

Cynthia Silva – Twin Peaks Veterinary Center

With great appreciation to the Marana Chamber of Commerce and the extended communities, I would like to express my sincerest and warmest greetings to all. I am grateful for the opportunity to highlight and share the heart behind one of our established veterinary care facilities and those alike. In 2010, Twin Peaks Veterinary Center began…

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Brett Bratton - Bloomin Blinds

Brett Bratton – Bloomin Blinds

In the heart of Tucson (which one could argue is Marana), Arizona, Bloomin Blinds stands tall as a testament to determination, vision, and the transformative power of entrepreneurship. Brett Bratton, the owner, embarked on an extraordinary journey 3.5 years ago when he purchased the franchise Bloomin Blinds, pouring his entire life savings into the venture…

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Rick Rodriguez - Senior Drywall

Rick Rodriguez – Senior Drywall

Tucson-Born, Family Owned, Serving Southern Arizona Rick Rodriguez, proud owner and master installer, was born here in Arizona. When he was a young teen, he had already started fixing up Drywall around town, getting around on a bicycle with two 5-gallon buckets filled with tools & materials on either handle. His wife, Tasha Rodriguez, runs…

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Aliza Jung - Dave & Buster's

Aliza Jung – Dave & Buster’s

Hold onto your party hats because event coordinator Aliza Jung and the Dave & Buster’s team are here to help turn your events into the talk of the town! Forget the cookie-cutter approach-we are here to sprinkle some personalized pizzazz on your gatherings. So, you’ve got a corporate bash on the horizon, a milestone celebration, or…

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Selah Tsosie - Riley Engineering

Selah Tsosie – Riley Engineering

How often do you think about water? Perhaps you calculate how many ounces to drink each day. If your home or business is experiencing leaks or pressure issues (we can help with that), maybe you’re thinking about water a lot. I’m Selah, and I’m the business manager at Riley Engineering. There was a time when…

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Trish Soto - Safeguard Business Systems

Trish Soto – Safeguard Business Systems

It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest greetings to all. I am a proud Tucson native, the Account Manager at Safeguard, and a firm advocate for community strength. I am honored to have the opportunity to connect with such a vibrant and dynamic community through the Marana Chamber of Commerce. For over…

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Marana Little League

Marana Little League

Community Marana Little League is a non-profit organization that has proudly served the area of Northwest Marana since 1987. Our league offers softball and baseball for youth ages 4-14 in the Spring and Fall. Our boundaries include the neighborhoods of Gladden Farms, San Lucas, Saguaro Bloom, Rancho Marana, Avra Valley, and Picture Rocks. We participate in…

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Diana Madaras - Madaras Gallery

Diana Madaras – Madaras Gallery

“I cannot adequately express my gratitude for this amazing life. Thank you for supporting the Gallery and giving me the freedom to express my deep love for the Southwest through my art.” Message from Diana: When I arrived in Tucson 47 years ago, I had no idea I would become an artist. Now, I’m not…

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Ron Beaton - Tucson Grill Cleaning Company

Ron Beaton – Tucson Grill Cleaning Company

As Guest Editors, we’re excited to share the story of Tucson Grill Cleaning Company – a passionate, expert team dedicated to elevating your grilling experience. BBQ ADVENTURE  Our journey began with a love of barbecue, quickly recognizing the need for specialized grill cleaning and repair beyond routine maintenance. 10 years on, we’re not just cleaning grills, we’re rejuvenating…

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